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Chiropractic Care in Manhattan KS: What to Expect

Welcome to the New Patient Center for Nichols Chiropractic! If you are new to chiropractic care or wondering what to expect during your first visit, then you have come to the right place! The information in our New Patient Center will also help you become more familiar with our treatment techniques, including chiropractic care, as well as learn about our philosophy of patient care.

Chiropractic Care: Building the Foundation for Total Body Health

Chiropractic Care in Manhattan KSIf you are new to chiropractic care, you may be wondering how our non-invasive treatment techniques manage pain. Our treatment philosophy is simple: rather than “covering up” pain with medication, we address our patients’ health problems from within, bringing balance and harmony back to the body.

During your first visit, our chiropractor will perform a full diagnostic evaluation and medical health assessment. The goal of this assessment is to determine the specific causes for your pain. For example, many individuals suffer chronic back pain or neck pain due to a spinal misalignment, such as a herniated disc. As long as the spinal misalignment continues, our patients will also continue to suffer from pain. Our diagnostic exams allow our chiropractor to determine the precise cause for your pain and create a customized treatment program to address this health problem.

Our approach to chiropractic care follows a three-phase treatment plan. In the first phase, “Relief Care,” our objective is to provide immediate pain relief. Depending on the underlying cause for your pain and the severity of your condition, patients may benefit from two to three chiropractic adjustments each week over a four to 12 week period. The second phase, “Corrective/Restorative Care,” is designed to help the body heal more completely. Our treatments support the entire musculoskeletal system, and are designed to bring 100% functionality back to the body. During this treatment phase, most patients benefit from adjustments four to eight times per month over a six to 24-month period.

Our final phase is “Wellness Care.” This treatment phase reflects our commitment to whole body health. Our goal is to not only help patients manage their pain, but to enhance all aspects of their well-being. We believe that health is not the absence of pain, but a state where the entire body works in harmony with itself. A monthly chiropractic adjustment helps to maintain proper spinal alignment, while supporting all aspects of your health. Our chiropractor works closely with each patient to create a wellness program that matches his or her long-term pain management and lifestyle goals.

To schedule a diagnostic appointment with our chiropractor, use our online sign-up form or contact our practice at 785-537-2211.